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September 26,2016

2013 Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

Grand Prize 1

is $1,000,000 CASH!

Grand Prize 2

2014 Cadillac ATS and 2014 Cadillac SRX plus $10,000 Cash (Value $106,559). Take the Cars or the CASH!

Grand Prize 3

2014 Lexus RX 350 and 2014 Lexus IS 250 plus $10,000 Cash (Value $111,448). Take the Cars or the CASH!

Grand Prize 4

2014 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic and 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4Matic plus $10,000 (Value $114,963). Take the Cars or the CASH!

Grand Prize 5

2014 BMW X3 xDrive 28i and 2014 BMW 328i plus $10,000 Cash (Value $115,367)

Early Bonus Prizes

30 Early Bonus Prizes of $25,000. Buy early for even more chances to WIN BIG! It’s like an extra month of winning in one day!

Early Bird

The Early Bird Prize Package is a Porche Boxster & $10,000 (Value $88,648). Take the Car or the CASH!

Car A Day Prizes

Win a Car a Day!

  • Day 1 – BMW Z4 Roadster (Value $72,940)
  • Day 2 – Toyota 4Runner (Value $45,788)
  • Day 3 – Nissan Altima (Value $33,185)
  • Day 4 – Mini Cooper (Value $30,121)
  • Day 5 – Dodge Challenger (Value $33,069)
  • Day 6 – Audi Q5 (Value $53,116)
  • Day 7 – Acura ILX (Value $38,503)
  • Day 8 – Buick Regal (Value $45,464)
  • Day 9 – Ford Fusion (Value $37,346)
  • Day 10 – Chrysler 200 (Value $37,789)
  • Day 11 – Chevrolet Corvette (Value $76,421)
  • Day 12 – Toyota Venza (Value $42,001)
  • Day 13 – Lincoln MKZ (Value $47,310)
  • Day 14 – Lexus CT 200h (Value $44,477)
  • Day 15 – Ford Mustang (Value $29,394)
  • Day 16 – Mercedes-Benz ML 350 (Value $72,715)
  • Day 17 – Volkswagen Beetle (Value $29,189)
  • Day 18 – Subaru XV Crosstrek (Value $31,686)
  • Day 19 – Mazda CX-5 (Value $29,482)
  • Day 20 – Chevrolet Camaro (Value $38,223)
  • Day 21 – Cadillac CTS (Value $51,241)
  • Day 22 – Nissan Pathfinder (Value $38,948)
  • Day 23 – Chevrolet Trax (Value $33,480)
  • Day 24 – Volkswagen Tiguan (Value $39,868)
  • Day 25 – Honda Accord (Value $30,887)
  • Day 26 – Infiniti G37X (Value $55,771)
  • Day 27 – Toyota Camry Hybrid (Value $33,860)
  • Day 28 – Ford F-150 (Value $38,557)
  • Day 29 – Mazda3 Sport (Value $27,378)
  • Day 30 – Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (Value $48,053)

 November Daily Cash Prizes!

Big Cash Prizes flowing every day in November! Daily Cash Prizes of $10,000 and (NEW) 20 Daily Cash Prizes of $1,000.

NEW Wheels of Hope 50/50 Raffle

Winner takes half the jackpot. Jackpot starts at $200,000. Minimum guaranteed payout of $100,000. 50/50 tickets must be purchased in conjunction with VIP Lottery Tickets.

ONLY ticket holders in the VIP Lottery are permitted to enter this amazing raffle, for extra chances to WIN EVEN BIGGER!

The single prize for this raffle will be 50% of the total ticket sales receipts. There is no limit to how large this jackpot could grow AND the guaranteed minimum payout is $100,000 cash.

Net proceeds for this raffle will benefit the Wheels of Hope program, which provides cancer patients transportation to and from treatment.

Say “Yes” to the Wheels of Hope 50/50 Raffle when you buy your VIP Lottery tickets.

Tickets are $10 each, 5 for $25 or 15 for $50.

  • 50/50 Ticket Deadline: October 18, 2013
  • 50/50 Draw Date: December 2, 2013

Gaming License Information

VIP Lottery Licence Number 5811, 50/50 Lottery Licence 5815

Ticket Prices:


  • Tickets are $100 each
  • 3 Tickets for $250 (save $50)
  • 5 Tickets for $375 (save $125)


  • Tickets are $10 each
  • 5 Tickets for $25
  • 15 Tickets for $50

50/50 tickets must be purchased in conjunction with VIP Lottery Tickets.


Five reasons to support Canadian Cancer Society research

  • A 2010 study showed that researchers funded by the Canadian Cancer Society are making a bigger scientific impact than other researchers in Canada.
  • The Canadian Cancer Society uses an internationally recognized peer review process to allocate its research dollars to the most promising projects across the country.
  • In addition to basic laboratory research, the Society provides funding for clinical trials and research focused on prevention, early detection, screening and quality of life issues.
  • Thanks to Society-funded research, cancer treatment and the quality of life for patients during treatment have dramatically improved in the past 20 years.
  • Cancer research saves lives. Today, 62 percent of people diagnosed with cancer will survive, compared to about 25% in the 1940s.

Important Deadlines for 2013 Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

  • Early Bonus Deadline: Midnight, September 20, 2013
  • Early Bonus Draws: October 10, 2013 at 1pm
  • Early Bird Deadline: October 11, 2013
  • Early Bird Draw: October 24, 2013 at 1pm
  • Final Deadline: October 18, 2013
  • Grand Prize Draws: December 2, 2013
  • Wheels of Hope 50/50 Raffle Deadline: October 18, 2013
  • Wheels of Hope 50/50 Raffle Draw: December 2, 2013
  • Daily Draws: November 1 – 30, 2013
  • Weekly Bonus Car Draws: November 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2013
  • All winners will be published in the Toronto Star and online at on December 10, 2013.

Web Site

Lottery web site:

Latest News about the 2013 Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

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9 Responses to 2013 Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

  1. roger Perron January 1, 2014 at 7:01 am #

    I am trying to see if my tickets for the 2013 lottery have won how do I do that
    Thanks Roger

  2. claudette and robert raymond January 2, 2014 at 7:37 am #

    I would like a list of all winners for the lottery from September 20, 2013 to December 2, 2013. Since I forgot to check the Toronto Star for list on December 10, 2013, I cannot find a list of winners. Please advise me by email.
    Thank you.

  3. M. Primeau January 3, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    Where can I see a list of all the winners for this lottery ending Dec. 2/13

  4. Bonnie Henderson January 5, 2014 at 8:44 am #

    Very disappointed in the manner in which the site is set up to find out if you are a winner. It is not user friendly!!!! Why should I have to download an 8+ M package in order to view the winners list and then when I did it did not work????
    I will not be purchasing a ticket for 2014.

  5. John January 16, 2014 at 2:40 pm #

    “Check winning numbers” says “Instantly Access State & National Results w Free App!” This is Canada?
    There’s no way to check if I won anything, except to assume I didn’t since no one called me.
    Won’t enter this lottery again!

    • Rick Vandenberg January 30, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

      I think you may have clicked on an advertisement. There is no such feature on the Home Lottery News

  6. M. Smith January 18, 2014 at 1:43 pm #

    Do you have a page where we can type in our ticket number to see if we are a winner???

    • Rick Vandenberg January 30, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

      No – that would be on the lottery website itself.

  7. David Friesen January 27, 2014 at 4:34 pm #

    Once the draws are over, I cannot find a search engine to see if my tickets have won!
    I cannot buy anymore tickets based on that!

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