June 25,2017

Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

Last year, the Ontario Division of the Canadian Cancer Society invested $23.6 million in research that could save lives, find ways to prevent cancer and create more effective ways to treat the disease. The Canadian Cancer Society dedicates 100% of the net Lottery proceeds to research into all types of cancer, which benefits people all across Ontario.

Five reasons to support Canadian Cancer Society research

  1. A 2010 study showed that researchers funded by the Canadian Cancer Society are making a bigger scientific impact than other researchers in Canada.
  2. The Canadian Cancer Society uses an internationally recognized peer review process to allocate its research dollars to the most promising projects across the country.
  3. In addition to basic laboratory research, the Society provides funding for clinical trials and behavioural research focused on prevention, early detection, screening and quality of life issues.
  4. Thanks to Society-funded research, cancer treatment and the quality of life for patients during treatment have dramatically improved in the past 20 years.
  5. Cancer research saves lives. Today, 62 percent of people diagnosed with cancer will survive, compared with 1 in 3 in the 1960s.

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