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December 3,2016

Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery 2013 Now Launched!

FORT MCMURRY, BC, September 12, 2012 — According to their website, the Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery 2013 just launched. Here are the details.

1.6 Million in Prizes to be Won!

2013 Grand Prize Home

Located at 101 Stone Creek Landing, Fort McMurray, Alberta. Grand Prize Value: $1,412,186.21

Cash 50% Bonus – NEW!

There will be a guaranteed $136,500 minimum payout for the Cash 50% Bonus draw, or 50% of ticket sales (whichever is greater).

Early Bird

$50,000.00 Cash Prize!

Cash For Christmas

Be entered in 5 draws for $10,000.00 cash each when you purchase your tickets before the cash for Christmas deadline!

… And 106 More Prizes!

Visit their website for details!

Important Dates:

  • Cutoff for Early Bird Draw – October 28th , 2012
  • Early Bird Draw – November 10th , 2012
  • Cut off for CASH for CHRISTMAS – December 9th , 2012
  • Draw for CASH for CHRISTMAS – December 18h, 2012
  • Cutoff for Main Draw January 20th , 2013
  • Draw for GRAND PRIZE February 2nd , 2013

See reference information here on Home Lottery News about the 2013 Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery.

Visit their website for details.

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