January 22,2018

St-Boniface Hospital Lottery

St-Boniface Hospital has operated many lotteries over the years, raising millions of dollars to support the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation.

St-Boniface Hospital is one of Canada’s leading patient care and research facilities, renowned for its medical research innovations and its compassionate care. They offer health care professionals the opportunity to work at a leading institution, for medical researchers to be supported in an environment that facilitates discovery, for students to learn from the very best in their field, and for the community to participate in growing a centre for health care research.

St-Boniface Hospital Foundation makes possible the many medical research breakthroughs and patient care innovations that take place at St-Boniface Hospital. With the support of our community, we conduct world-renowned medical research examining cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and functional foods. Research today leads to better prevention, diagnosis and treatment tomorrow, for you and your loved ones.

Find out more details about the lotteries that the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation has run. Click on the links below:

News about the St-Boniface Hospital Lotteries


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