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May 27,2016

STARS Lottery Saskatchewan

The net proceeds from their 2015 STARS Lottery will be donated to the STARS Society to help cover direct costs of providing an air ambulance program from their two bases in Regina and Saskatoon.

(Source: 2015 Stars Lottery Saskatchewan website –

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More News from the STARS Lottery Saskatchewan

  • 2016 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan Loyalty Draw is May 26 May 18, 2016 REGINA, SK, May 18, 2016 —  If you bought a ticket in the 2016 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan before midnight, May 11th, you could be walking away with with some extra cash in your pocket in this year’s Loyalty Prize draw. This year 24 cash prizes ranging from $500 to $50,000 will be given away on ...
  • 2016 STAR Lottery Saskatchewan Loyalty Draw Cut-Off is midnight, May 11th May 9, 2016 SASKATCHEWAN, May 9, 2016 —  The 2016 STAR Lottery Saskatchewan Loyalty Draw is offering up 24 cash prizes totaling $102,500. Ticket buyers have until midnight, May 11th to buy their tickets for the draw. Tickets can be purchased by phone, online, in person at the showhomes or any STARS base, and by mail. See ...
  • 2016 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan Just Launched April 25, 2016 REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, April 25, 2016 —  With 2,019 prizes worth more than 4 million retail up for grabs, this year’s STARS Lottery Saskatchewan will undoubtedly leave ticket buyers impressed. The prize offerings include two grand prize million dollar homes, an Early Bird prize, twelve vacations, five cars, and more. There are 149,800 STARS lottery ...
  • Complete List of Winners Announced – 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan August 17, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, August 17, 2015 — Celebrations are taking place across Saskatchewan following the announcement of the 2015 STARS Saskatchewan Lottery winners. This is the first sell-out in the event’s four-year history and organizers are grateful to supporters for helping them reach a milestone for the annual lottery. The Lottery offered 2,100 prizes worth more than ...
  • Final draws next week for 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan August 6, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, August 6, 2015 — The Saskatchewan STARS lottery, which sold out early on July 16, will be making the final draws for winners next week. On August 10, the Lucky Stars 50/50 draw will be held, and the final draws in the main lottery will commence, completing on August 12.
  • Early Bird Winner Announced for the 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan July 20, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, July 20, 2015 — The 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan announced their Early Bird Prize Package winner. The Truck & Boat Package is worth $138,000. Prize includes a 2015 Ford F150 Plantinum Crew Cab and a 2015 219 UU Caravelle Razor with trailer.
  • 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan Sold Out July 16, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, July 16, 2015 — The Stars Lottery Saskatchewan SOLD OUT today! Their lottery provides significant funding for STARS’ bases in Saskatoon and Regina. Draws for all their prizes will begin August 10 and end August 12.
  • Saskatchewan Charitable Lotteries Update for July 2015 July 10, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, July 10, 2015 — To help our readers, we’ve put together a short summary of the Saskatchewan lotteries we’ve been writing about recently and their status as of today. Which lotteries are currently running, or starting soon, and which ones have finished up for the time being.
  • 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan: 97% sold, and final deadline coming up fast July 7, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, July 7, 2015 — STARS Lottery’s final deadline for is coming up fast. The lottery is 97% sold, and likely to sell out before the final deadline (midnight, July 22, 2015); the draw will take place August 12, 2015. This is the fourth STARS Lottery in Saskatchewan, although they have also had 22 ...
  • Early Bird Deadline this Thursday for 2015 STARS Lottery Saskatchewan June 30, 2015 SASKATCHEWAN, June 30, 2015 — The deadline for the Saskatchewan STARS Lottery’s Early Bird Prize is this Thursday. Tickets must be purchased before midnight, July 2, 2015 to qualify, and the draw for these special prizes – worth $138,000 – will take place July 17, 2015. The 50/50 jackpot currently stands at $1,375,715, and ...


6 Responses to STARS Lottery Saskatchewan

  1. Eunice August 18, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    Where can I see the winners list for all 2013 lottery prizes

    • Neil McMahon August 21, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

      How do i find out if i won a prize big or small

  2. Neil McMahon August 21, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    Do they contact all winners

    • Rick Vandenberg August 26, 2013 at 8:13 am #

      It’s a pretty sure bet they will contact you if you’re a winner. However, if you are uncertain, just call the customer service line and inquire with them.

  3. Leslie Pichette March 4, 2015 at 8:37 pm #

    How much net cash is realized through loto ? This is a concern when patients are directly charged

    • Rick Vandenberg March 5, 2015 at 3:33 pm #

      I think it’s best to ask the STARS Foundation that question. Understand that in any lottery, prizes must be paid for, and advertising and processing expenses as well.

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