October 20,2019

$20,000 Bonus Deadline Midnight Tonight, May 25 for Hometown Heroes Lottery

$20,000 Cash going to a lucky early buyer!

VANCOUVER, BC, May 25, 2012 — The Heroes bonus deadline is tonight. Visit their website for tickets and details.  Get in before the DEADLINE! That’s midnight tonight, Friday, May 25.

And then check back on Thursday, June 7th, 2012, when the winners of three of the early bonus prizes (Heroes Welcome, Bonus Draw No. 1 and Mother’s Day) will be drawn and announced on the Heroes Lottery website.

Draws will take place at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, 855 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, at 11:00 am.

50/50 Plus™ update: As of the time of this writing, the 50/50 Plus jackpot is sitting at $940,900.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News about the Hometown Heroes Lottery.


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