August 18,2019

Bonus Deadline is October 2 for the 2015 Fall Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery

SASKATOON, SK, September 24, 2015 — The bonus deadline is approaching fast for the 2015 Fall Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery. Order your tickets before midnight, October 2, 2015 to beat the deadline for what the lottery organizers are calling the “Hawaiian Bonus Prize”. The prize is a trip a year for the next three years, staying in a private villa in Maui. The winner has the option to take the prize, or take cash instead.

The lottery reports 50% of tickets are sold, and the 50/50 jackpot is shown at $300,000 on the lottery website. The next sales deadline is October 23, for the early bird prize.

According to their website, proceeds from this lottery will help make a difference in the health and wellness of all patients, ensuring the best possible care at Saskatoon’s three hospitals: St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, and Royal University Hospital Foundation.

Visit the lottery website at for official details.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News about the 2015 Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery.

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