Bonus Prize Deadline is November 14 for 2014 Millionaire Lottery

Bonus Prizes

Millionaire Lottery features two early Bonus Prizes for 2014; both 50% bigger this year! The first one is the …

VIP Fall Bonus – worth over $40,000!

The VIP Fall Bonus consists of a 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid plus $ 5,000 Cash; or a $25,000 Luxury Vacation from Kiwi Collection plus $15,000 spending cash; or the winner can take $35,000 Cash.

The deadline to buy your tickets to be eligible for the VIP Fall Bonus is midnight, November 14, 2014; the draw takes place December 19, 2014

Winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

Visit for tickets, details and rules.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News about the 2014 Millionaire Lottery.

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