June 2,2020

Don’t Miss the Loyalty Deadline in the Shop4Charity 2020 Calendar for Causes Sweepstakes

September 18, 2019 — Get out of our cold Canadian weather and off someplace warm with a $2,000 travel certificate — or take the cash instead! If you enter the Calendars for Causes Sweepstakes by this Friday, September 20, you’ll be win this Loyalty prize, and eligible for all the other draws taking place for 2020!

The winning continues all year long. For example, just last week, nine people were drawn in last year’s sweepstakes: a 2019 Dodge Journey (or $20,000 cash) for Samuel R S.; a $1,200 trip voucher (or cash) for Christine S.; and $1,000 each for Joel A.,  Michael D.,  Mitzi B.,  Rene L.,  Kerine P., Amita C., Paula D.

The clock is ticking… help raise money for worthy causes and have chances to win for an entire year!

or call 1-888-330-2585
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Enter early for all the draws

  • Grand Prize: Win up to $10 Million!
  • Loyalty Prize: One Loyalty Prize consisting of a $2,000 travel certificate or $2,000 cash.
  • VIP Prize: One VIP Prize consisting of a $3,000 travel certificate or $3,000 cash.
  • Early Bonus Prize: One Early Bonus Prize consisting of a $4,000 travel certificate or $4,000 cash. 
  • Early Bird Prizes: One Early Bird Prize consisting of a  2019/2020 Fiat 124 Spider Classica (ARV $36,790) or $30,000 cash. 
  • Daily Prizes: 366 Daily Prizes, each consisting of $1,000 cash.
  • Weekly Prizes: Twelve $2,500 Travel Certificates (or $2,500 cash), plus 40 $1,200 Travel Certificates
  • Bi-Monthly Cars: 
    • January: One 2019 FIAT® 124 Spider Classica ($36,790 MSRP + destination costs) or $30,000 cash.
    • March: One 2019/2020 Ram 1500 (ARV $25,260) or $22,000 cash
    • May: One 2019/2020 Ram Promaster City (ARV $28,120) or $25,000 cash
    • July: One 2019/2020 Jeep Compass (ARV $29,995) or $26,000 cash
    • September: One 2019/2020 Dodge Journey (ARV $23,645) or $20,000 cash
    • November: One 2019/2020 Dodge Grand Caravan (ARV $22,445) or $20,000 cash

or call 1-888-330-2585
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No purchase necessary. Math skill test applies. Prizes may not be exactly as shown. See Official Rules for details.


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