Edmonton Oilers-Winner’s Choice Lottery

EDMONTON, AB, October 15, 2009 — From the day the Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL in 1979, the organization recognized the deep connection the city had to its team and vice versa. For 30 years, their community and their fans have given everything to the Oilers. The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation is a way for the team to return the support. Over the years, the Edmonton Oilers Foundation has donated over $4 million to hundreds of charities.

A few years ago, they identified a project to leave a lasting legacy in the City of Edmonton the redevelopment of Inner City High School. As a cornerstone in the City of Edmonton’s downtown east development plan, the Foundation is planning for the redevelopment of a high school to meet the needs of future generations of young people in the community. And that’s in addition to the other organizations they support.

This year, with your help, they plan to give kids a safe place to sleep, make sure they have something to eat, and make their days a bit brighter. They’ll provide families with emergency services, protect those in danger, and fund cancer research. They’ll set up scholarships, support education programs and continue to fund agencies that offer a wide range of support services to youth, education, and health and wellness.

That’s why your support of Winner’s Choice Lottery means so much. Your ticket purchase truly touches lives throughout Northern Alberta. With your support, they’re building a better community.

Lottery Information

Total number of prizes: 3,325
Total tickets available: 82,400
Price points: 1 for $100; 3 for $250; 5 for $375

Cut-off and Draw dates

Bonus Draw:  Cut-off Midnight, September 8, 2009; draw September 22, 2009
Early Bird: Cut-off Midnight, Thursday, November 5, 2009; draw Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Final Draw: Cut-off Midnight, November26, 2009; draw Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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