Grand prize winner’s lucky ticket helps the hospital that helped him

LONDON, ON, June 15, 2006 — It’s been almost two years Don Campbell was rushed to London Health Sciences Centre for emergency surgery on a shattered pelvis, the result of a fall off a ladder that collapsed from under him. But Wednesday morning that same hospital dropped back into his life when Campbell learned he had won the million-dollar grand prize package in the Dream Lifestyles Lottery supporting London’s three hospitals. The package includes a house, furnishings, a luxury car, a cruise around the world and $100,000 cash.

Campbell, who lives in London, recently bought three lottery tickets at a south end Shoppers Drug Mart as a way of supporting the place and people who got him back on his feet. “The hospital helped me so much,” remembers Campbell, who added that he has supported the lottery since his stay but had never won anything until Wednesday. “I was so grateful for what they did.”

About to cross into Michigan on a sales trip early Wednesday morning, Campbell was a passenger in his colleague’s car when he picked up the call announcing the biggest news of his life. “Actually I feel a little numb right now,” he said later from his new home in northwest London. Still trying to digest the win, he recalled how after celebrating his birthday in a Richmond Row restaurant earlier this week, he and his girlfriend started thinking about the upcoming draw. In fact, they walked by the condo they knew was part of the second grand prize package. “I joked with my her how neat it would be to win it.”

Campbell got a house instead. But the condo went to the second grand prize winner, Tony Crncich of London, a recent St. Joseph’s Health Care, London committee volunteer. It’s part of a $400,000 package that also includes furnishings and decorating, a car, an African safari vacation and $10,000 cash.

Like Campbell, Crncich bought his three tickets at a Shoppers Drug Mart. He had gone into the store with his daughter while she dropped off a job application. He decided to pick up tickets since he had been listening to the radio ads and knew it was the last day they were on sale. Crncich, who happens to have once worked with last year’s grand prize winner, said that after buying the tickets he promptly forgot about the upcoming draw. That is until this morning when he saw the words Dream Lottery appear on his call display. He said he first thought he might have won a BBQ.

“I just kept saying ‘Get out of here, get out of here’ which is usually my response when I don’t believe what I’m hearing,” said Crncich after being told he had won plenty more than a BBQ. He added, “I will never again say, “I never win anything.”

“It was the biggest Dream Lottery yet,” said Dan Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer of London Health Sciences Foundation. “And it makes me very proud that the lottery has been a successful partnership between London Health Sciences Foundation, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, and Children’s Health Foundation for 11 years.”

“The impact of this program on local healthcare is enormous in terms of what it can do to enhance patient care across all medical programs in the city,” said Michelle Campbell, President of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and Vice-President, Fund Development, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. “Everyone really does win in this lottery because use of the proceeds have the potential to touch everyone in the community in a positive way.”

Added Debbie Comuzzi, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Children’s Health Foundation, “We are so grateful to the London community for once again supporting London hospitals. Sick and injured children from all over western Ontario often require specialized care and a portion of the money raised will help provide much needed specialized equipment and programs at Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario and groundbreaking research at the Children’s Health Research Institute.”

More than 5,000 prizes are being drawn worth more than $2.3 million. Proceeds from the 120,000 tickets, which were available until June 1 at $50 each, three for $100 or eight for $250, support patient, resident and client care at London’s hospitals, including London Health Sciences Centre, Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London – Canada’s leading teaching hospitals. These hospitals serve over one million patients a year in southwestern Ontario.

About London’s Hospitals

London Health Sciences Centre

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is one of Canada’s largest acute-care teaching hospitals and is dedicated to excellence in patient care, teaching and research. LHSC has pioneered many national and international medical breakthroughs. Located in London, Ontario, LHSC encompasses three sites, South Street Hospital, University Hospital and Victoria Hospital; two family medical centers; and the London Regional Cancer Program. LHSC is the home of the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario and CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics). LHSC is affiliated with The University of Western Ontario. Physicians and staff at LHSC number close to 8.000 and together they provide care for more than 650,000 patients each year.

St. Joseph’s Health Care, London

St. Joseph’s Health Care, London is a major patient care, teaching and research centre with a distinguished legacy of service to London, southwestern Ontario and the veterans of Canada. St. Joseph’s five key role areas include Acute/Ambulatory care, Complex and Veterans Care, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation and Specialized Geriatrics and Specialized Mental Health Care. Facilities and services including Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, Parkwood Hospital, Regional Mental Health Care London and St. Thomas and St. Joseph’s Hospital are part of the St. Joseph’s family. More than 400,000 patients annually receive care from close to 6,000 physicians and staff at St. Joseph’s. St. Joseph’s is affiliated with The University of Western Ontario.

About London’s Hospital Foundations

London Health Sciences Foundation

For more than a decade, London Health Sciences Foundation has inspired investment in excellence at London Health Sciences Centre. London Health Sciences Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1996 through the amalgamation of the University and Victoria Hospital Foundations. The Foundation links donors, health care consumers, the community and health care experts – including physicians, allied professionals, researchers, staff and educators – in pursuit of medical excellence at London Health Sciences Centre.

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Through community philanthropy, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation supports patient care, teaching and research at all sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Created through the amalgamation of the legacy Parkwood Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundations in 2004, the new St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is a recognized leader in its fundraising, granting and stewardship programs, and acknowledged as one of only 600 charitable organizations nationwide by Imagine Canada as an ethical fundraising organization.

Children’ Health Foundation

Children’s Health Foundation has been raising funds for children’s health care for nearly a century. Funds raised support specialized health care, equipment and programs at Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario and breakthrough research into childhood diseases at the Children’s Health Research Institute. In the last seven years Children’s Health Foundation has contributed over $20.2 million to Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario and Children’s Health research Institute.

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