August 7,2020

Less Than Two Weeks Left for the Early Bird in Foothills Hospital Home Lottery

 2012 AUDI R8 SPYDER OR take $200,000 CASH

ALBERTA, April 19, 2012 — Less than 2 weeks for the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery early bird. Here are the details according to their website.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: MIDNIGHT, MAY 3, 2012.  Early Bird Draw Date: May 17, 2012

The 2012 Foothills Hospital Home Lottery has 8,625 Prizes in all  – 1 in 15 Chances to WIN!  Their current50/50 is currently shown at $1.27 Million for the 50/50 pot, with the winner taking half of that.

Tickets are $100 for a single, $250 for a 3-pack, and $400 for a 5-pack. Call 1-888-541-5540 to order tickets, or visit their website.  Check out the news about the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery here on Home Lottery News

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