November 13,2018

Canadian Cancer Society Lottery

Past support has helped the Canadian Cancer Society fund valuable cancer research that is saving lives. Ticket purchasers get great odds of winning outstanding prizes, AND the support keeps their researchers working in laboratories and hospitals across the province and across Canada, bringing them ever closer to new breakthroughs in cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and cures.

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Cash & Cars for Cancer

Since 2000, Cash & Cars Lottery proceeds have supported Alberta’s two largest cancer-fighting organizations: the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division.

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Caritas Hospitals Lottery 2009

(This post has been superceded. See the most recent information about the Caritas Hospitals Lottery)

The Caritas Hospitals Lottery is committed to raise funds to support Covenant Health’s Continuing Care Centre and Excellence in Family Care.

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WinFall Oceanview Lottery

A new maternity ward at Peace Arch Hospital is long overdue.

Today, they have just three labour-and-delivery rooms (and seven postpartum rooms), one shower for seven women, and no place for the family to sleep.

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