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The Home Lottery News is an online news site that provides information and updates for licensed charitable home/cash lotteries and sweepstakes across Canada.  We have a loyal subscriber base and over 1.3 million active email subscribers across Canada.

Home Lottery News has created over 2.75 million referrals since 2016, resulting in millions of dollars in ticket sales supporting charitable causes.

By advertising in Home Lottery News, you can have the confidence that your message will be delivered to a motivated and highly targeted audience. Your brand will appear within a highly trusted context, leveraging our unique marketing opportunities.

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The Home Lottery News’ primary philosophy is “Do Good.”  We do our best to balance the protection of our subscriber base vs. the obvious needs of charities to advertise their lotteries. This past year, COVID-19 has resulted in the loss of normal revenue streams for charities not just in Canada but worldwide. In Canada, many new lotteries have appeared, in particular 50/50 and Catch the Ace / Chase the Ace. Not all will gain the traction to be successful. While The Home Lottery News does it best to help these charities, there are limits to how much advertising we can accept — meaning in effect how often we will email subscribers to avoid inundating them. 

We reserve the right to not accept advertising for some lotteries or sweepstakes, but we always welcome the opportunity to look at your lottery and see if it would be a good fit with what we know about our subscribers. 

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