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July 28,2016

Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery News Articles

Back for Fall – 2015 Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery

SASKATOON, SK, August 5, 2015 — With cash, vehicles, vacations, and much more… the 2015 Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery is back for the fall. Their grand prize package, valued at $1.6 Million is a 4,000 sq. ft designer home located in “The Willows” and includes $15,000 bonus cash.

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Saskatchewan Charitable Lotteries Update for July 2015

SASKATCHEWAN, July 10, 2015 — To help our readers, we’ve put together a short summary of the Saskatchewan lotteries we’ve been writing about recently and their status as of today. Which lotteries are currently running, or starting soon, and which ones have finished up for the time being.

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