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September 27,2016

Final Deadline is this Friday for the 2016 SickKids Lottery

TORONTO, ON, September 26, 2016 —  There’s still time for you to secure your winning spot in the 2016 SickKids Lottery. Final draw deadline for the Grand Prize, 50/50, Cash & Trip Calendar, and more is this Friday. Grab your ticket today so you don’t miss out!See full article for details.

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Caritas Dream Life Lottery SPLIT 50, 12 Days, and Final Draw sales cut-offs are next week

EDMONTON, AB, September 27, 2016 — The 2016 Caritas Dream Life Lottery is spicing up fall with a $200,000+ SPLIT 50 jackpot, 12 Days of Cash prizes to award, and an impressive $1.8 Million Grand Prize Home with unique entertaining features and sleek, modern finishes throughout the home. Ticket sales deadlines are October 6th, and supporting the lottery means supporting Covenant Health Facilities- making the lives of thousands of Albertans better each day. See full article for details and links.

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2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV tickets go on sale September 30th

WINDSOR, ON, September 26, 2016 — The Brentwood Home Lottery is back for its 25th round, and the prizes they’ve got lined up won’t disappoint! The Grand Prize winner will be able to retreat to the vibrant lakeside community of Kingsville in their new dream home. Actually, haven’t you been meaning to spend more time by the water? There are also vehicle prizes and a skookum appliance package that could freshen up your kitchen! Ticket sales start September 30, and the first deadline is November 28 for the Early Bird (there’s $25,000 on the line, so buy your tickets early!). See full article for more details

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2016 BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery Early Winners Announced

Vancouver, BC, September 25, 2016 — How long ago did you buy your BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery ticket? You may have been eligible in the Appreciation or Summer Bonus prize draws. The winners have been announced. Do you know them? See full article for details and winners names

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2016 Fall Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery Bonus Ticket Sales Deadline is September 30th

Saskatoon, SK, September 23, 2016 — The Bonus Prize winner will get a taste of the Bahamas with a 10-day getaway to the Kamalame Cay Resort on Andros Island. Once your chartered helicopter touches down, you won’t ever want to leave this private island paradise. Make sure to buy your ticket before September 30 to be entered into this exclusive early draw, as well as the Early Bird and the Final Grand Prize draws. See full article for details.

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BUH Monthly Lottery Draw is coming up on September 30th

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SK, September 23, 2016 — Draw six out of twelve in the BUH Monthly Draws takes place next week. Next Friday at 9AM, the thirteen cash prize winners will be drawn, perhaps that will include you! It sure pays to support your local hospitals. See full article for details

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Bonus Prize Deadline Tomorrow for the Canadian Cancer Society 2016 Fall Daily Lottery!

ONTARIO, September 22, 2016 — When it comes to getting from A-B, there are a lot of options. Given the choice between stylish functionality, total convenience, or power and exhilaration, which would you choose? Or maybe you’d just take the cash and spend it elsewhere? The Fall Daily Lottery Bonus Prize Draw will award TEN winners with this choice, but you need to buy your ticket before the deadline to have the chance to win! See full article for details and links to purchase tickets.

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2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Early Buyers incentive deadline is next Thursday

WINNIPEG, MB, September 22, 2016 — Crescentwood is a charming, prestigious neighborhood and could be your future home! One of the four Grand Prize options is a package which includes a $1.2 million showhome in Crescentwood, plus a luxury crossover vehicle and $75,000 cash! There’s lots of time to get your tickets, but buying early will enter you into four additional early draws. The first deadline is next week for the Early Buyer’s Incentive draw. See article for details and prize description.

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Princess Margaret Cancer Center Welcome Home Lottery VIP Prize Draw date is September 29th

TORONTO, ON, September 22, 2016 — Five early ticketholders and their plus ones will be given the VIP treatment with a week-long vacation in sunny Antigua! The VIP draw takes place next Thursday, so don’t put away your summer clothes just yet! Winners will be announced when available. Don’t have your ticket yet? The next deadline is October 7 for the Bonus Prize. See full article for details

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Appreciation and Summer Bonus Draws for BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery

Vancouver, BC, September 21, 2016 — The early birds get the worm, or in this case, the choice between three prizes worth over $30,000! Both the Appreciation and Summer Bonus Draws take place on Friday, and if you purchased your ticket before the deadlines on August 18 and September 1 then you will be entered to win! Tickets for the Early Bird and Final Prize draws are still on sale, what are you waiting for? See article for details

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