July 7,2020

2016 Spring Foothills Hospital Home Lottery Early Bird Draw deadline is midnight this Friday, April 15th

ALBERTA, April 12, 2016 — Time is running out to get your ticket for the Early Bird Prize draw in the 2016 Spring Foothills Hospital Home Lottery. Ticket buyers have until midnight, April 15th to secure their chance to win a 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S or $180,000 cash.

The car – supplied by Lone Star Mercedes and valued at $187,059 – “defines a new era in performance innovation and sportiness”, as described by Mercedes. The rear-wheel drive sports car features an aluminum space frame weighing only 508 pounds, a lightweight carbon fiber drive shaft, 503 horsepower, 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8 engine, front mid-engine design, and optimum 47/53 weight distribution. The design is accented by high-intensity LED lights, wide wheel arches, and a panorama roof. It is the first sports car engine with both dry sump lubrication and hot inside V turbo charger placement.

And that’s not even all of it! You can learn more about all that the Mercedes-AMG GT S has to offer on the official Lottery Early Bird prize page.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News on the 2016 Spring Foothills Hospital Home Lottery.


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