October 18,2018

2016 Health Care Foundation Hospital Home Lottery Winners

Winners Information

Grand Prize

  •  Valerie Parrott of St John’s (Ticket #003795)

Prize details: $1.1 Million Showhome PLUS $10,000 CASH

Early Bird

  • Jennifer Hollett of Torbay (Ticket #018911)

Prize details: 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG OR $65,000 CASH


  • Craig Jennings of Torbay (Ticket #598672)

Prize details: $459,485 Jackpot, winner takes half- $229,742.50


  • Eric & Sonia Lovell of Sops Arm (Ticket #015206)

Prize details: 2016 BMW M235i xDrive Coupe OR 2016 BMW 228i xDrive Cabriolet OR 2016 Mercedes CLA250 4MATIC OR $48,000 Cash

  • Shirley Manuel of Logy Bay (Ticket #021210)

Prize details: 2016 Harley-Davidson® Sportster Fort-Eight® OR 2016 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail OR 2016 Yamaha VX Cruiser OR $12,000 Cash


  • Elaine Neary of St. John’s (Ticket #027169)

Prize details: Irish Experience OR Italy Tour

  • Alaina Slaney of St Lawrence (Ticket #008097)

Prize details: Florida Family Vacation OR Caribbean Cruise

  • Roger Simmons of Paradise (Ticket #012933)

Prize details: Vancouver OR New York

  • Linda Frampton of St Philips (Ticket #008468)

Prize details: Boston OR Chicago

Bonus Prize

  • Carolann Fleming of St. John’s (Ticket #017593)

Prize details: Barbados holiday every year for the next three years, OR $30,000 cash

Additional Prizes

For a full list of winners please visit the official 2016 Health Care Foundation Hospital Home Lottery winners page. Or, download the pdf of all 1,380 winners

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