April 28,2017

Heart&Stroke Lottery – Ontario

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s critical priority is to invest in life-saving research that can lead to achieving their mission of healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Over the past 18 years, the Heart&Stroke Lottery has played a very important role in generating funds needed for Heart and Stroke to continue to invest in ground -breaking research.

The net proceeds of their lottery sales support their mission and help fund life-saving research in preeminent teaching hospitals and universities across Ontario.

Today alone, 23 talented medical researchers, among the very best in the world, are actively conducting ground-breaking research to find answers that will change people’s lives forever.

Funds from all Heart and Stroke Foundation lotteries executed in Ontario will continue to be used to fund research and health promotion that benefits Ontario residents.

(Source: 2015 Heart&Stroke Lottery website –

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