November 26,2020

SickKids Needs Your Help

Hospital of “Firsts” Needs Public Support to Sustain Breakthrough Research and Lifesaving Innovation Levels
SickKids Lottery is in Early Bird Countdown But Need is Still High

TORONTO, May 18, 2006 — Time is running out for caring individuals across Ontario to be among the “first” to win one of 28,000 prizes in SickKids Lottery to support vital research and maintain the hospital’s legacy of breakthrough discovery “firsts.”

From the first to link maternal folic acid intake with a decrease in neuroblastoma, a deadly childhood cancer – to the first safe transplant of an infant heart with mismatched donor and recipient blood types – to the first to identify two genes for Lafora disease, an often fatal form of adolescent-onset epilepsy – SickKids leads a legacy of firsts, several since 2000, but needs public support to continue.

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