2015 Mighty Millions Lottery News Stream

2015 Stollery Mighty Millions Lottery Complete Winners List Now Available

EDMONTON, Alberta, December 9, 2015 — The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation has published their full list of winners for their inaugural 2015 Mighty Millions Lottery. During the course of the lottery, The Home Lottery News kept track of the list of major winners on our 2015 Stollery Mighty Millions Lottery winners page, but now you can see the complete list and search to see if you’re a winner! Follow the link to the full article for more information and links to the complete winners page on the lottery website.

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Grand Prize and 50/50 Winners for Stollery Mighty Millions Lottery

EDMONTON, AB, December 4, 2015 — The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation yesterday wrapped up all their prize draws for the 2015 Mighty Millions Lottery, finishing up with the grand prize package draw made live on CTV News at 6 pm. Read the full article to see who the Grand Prize and 50/50 lottery winners were. Add December 9 to your calendar – that’s when the complete searchable list of winners will be available on the lottery website, according to the Foundation.

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