October 21,2019

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Early Bird Winner for the 2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery Has Been Announced

SASKATOON, SK, June 15, 2017 — The 2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery’s Early Bird prize is appropriately named the Summer Lovin’ Draw, as the winner of this fabulous prize is just about to find out. Proud owner of a new Jeep, two See-Dos, and two paddleboards, they’re in for one wicked summer. Or will they opt in for the $60,000 cash option instead? Read on to find out who the winner is.

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2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery Early Bird Draw happens June 15th, Final Deadline is June 16th

SASKATOON, SK, June 9, 2017 — If you’ve already got your ticket to the 2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery, you’ll want to keep your ticket handy- the Early Bird draw is happening very soon. If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, you still have time, but you have to hurry! Final ticket sales are on the day after the Early Bird draw, on June 16. Up for grabs is a $1.1 million luxury showhome on the lake, plus a bunch of vacations, sports and leisure prizes and living local prizes. That’d be one way to make this the best summer ever. See full article for details on how to purchase tickets and links.

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The Early Bird Deadline is on Friday for the 2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery

SASKATOON, SK, May 26, 2017 — The Early Bird prize package will make anyone’s summer that much sweeter. In fact, it will make pretty amazing! It’s a Summer Adventure Package not to beat. Buy your ticket before Friday, June 2nd and it could very well be your best summer yet. See full article for details.

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The VIP and Bonus Draws are this Wednesday for the 2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery

SASKATOON, SK, May 12, 2017 — Two winners will be off to the Bahamas, and one winner will be off to meet an All-Star in the upcoming VIP and Bonus Prize Draws. Did you purchase your ticket before the deadlines? If so, you could be winning early! The next draw is the Early Bird whose deadline is in June. See full article for details.

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2017 Kinsmen Home Lottery Has Launched

SASKATOON, SK, March 30, 2017 — The Kinsmen Home Lottery has launched for 2017 and boy, are there some amazing prizes up for grabs! If you like luxury homes, cash, cars, trips, and sports, this is the lottery for you. See full article for prize details and links.

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Kinsmen Lotto for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Winners Announced

CALGARY, AB, September 19, 2016 — There were so many prizes to give away in the Kinsmen Lotto that it took two days to draw them all! Two showhomes, countless electronic prizes, vehicles, dream vacations, and more were awarded. The complete winners list is now available. Are you on it? See article for top winners and link to complete list.

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