Get your Charleswood Rotary Chase the Ace tickets for your chance to win!

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 19, 2021 — Will you be the lucky winner this week? If your card is drawn, you take home the weekly prize. If your card is the Ace of Spades, you win it all – the weekly prize and the progressive jackpot!

Charleswood Rotary Club Chase the Ace progressive jackpot is a minimum guaranteed pot of $2500. Tickets are on sale until the Ace of Spades is selected, giving you up to 52 weeks to win. Get your tickets today and support Assiniboine Forest enhancements.  Tickets are only valid for the draw on the week they are purchased.

10 tickets for $10 | 40 tickets for $20 | 200 tickets for $40

LGCA 820-RF-35514 | Please Play Responsibly

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