2016 Alberta SPCA Christmas Cash Lottery Early Bird Deadline is one week away

ALBERTA, November 15, 2016 — How tall is a stack of one thousand $10 bills, and can you jump over it with two feet? This is exactly the kind of outlandish experiment you could perform if you’re one of the two Alberta SPCA Christmas Cash Lottery Early Bird winners!

The Early Bird deadline is on November 22 at 4:30pm with two Early Bird prizes of $10,000 being awarded.

Tickets can be ordered online on the lottery website or by phone (1-888-802-0780, or  780-488-CASH (2274) in the Edmonton area). Tickets are $25 each, 2 for $50, 3 for $60, 4 for $80, 5 for $100, and 6 for $120.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales will go towards protecting, promoting, and enhancing the well-being of animals in Alberta year-round. The Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals relies on the support from fundraisers such as their lotteries to make this happen.

For official lottery details, visit

Reference information can be found here on Home Lottery News about the 2016 Alberta SPCA Christmas Cash Lottery.

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