January 16,2019

2017 BC SPCA Lottery for Animals In Need Early Bird Draw is May 15th

VANCOUVER, BC, May 12, 2017 — Did you buy a ticket in the 2017 BC SPCA Lottery for Animals in Need before midnight on May 2nd? If you did, make sure you know where it is because in just four days time on May 15th, the lucky Early Bird prize winner will be named. That fortunate ticket holder will be taking home $8,000 cash to spend any way they see fit! Now, that’s a great mid-month “payday”! The draw will take place on-site at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch (1205 East 7th Avenue).

Didn’t buy your ticket in time? That’s okay! There’s still time to win in the Final Draws, as long as you buy before Friday, May 19, 2017, at midnight. When you do, you’ll be eligible to win $2,000 every day in June with $5,000 on Lucky Mutt Mondays and $5,000 on Fat Cat Fridays. There’s also $10,000 being given away on Father’s Day, on June 19th.

For more information and details on how to reach the lottery’s website, please read the “Ticket Information” section of our reference page.

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