September 19,2018

Bonus Draw Winner Named in the 2017 Calgary Hospital Home Lottery

CALGARY, AB, October 6, 2017 — The Bonus Prize draw for the 2017 Calgary Hospital Home Lottery was yesterday, October 5th, with a ticket deadline that was on September 22nd. Up for grabs was the Porsche and Private Island Prize, or the cash option of $115,000. The result has just been announced, so without further ado…

The winner is Marlene McNaughton (Ticket #005276), who soon will be basking in the glorious sun of the French Polynesian islands! Enjoying a seven night stay at The Brando Private Island Resort, she will be living in the lap of luxury for a week, waking up to crystal clear waters every day and dining like royalty. What’s best is that when she comes back, all sun-kissed and happy, a brand new 2018 Porsche Boxster 718 will be waiting for her in her driveway. OR if she isn’t feeling a vacation and isn’t set on a car, she can opt in for the $115,000 cash option instead.

The next chance at a prize is the Early Bird deadline of midnight, October 20, 2017. Purchase your tickets before then and be entered to win a luxury Spring Creek condo located in Canmore AND $10,000 cash. You will also have a shot at the Grand Prize Draw for the $2.4 Million Mahogany Showhome. The winning tickets in these early draws will be reentered in all subsequent draws. Want a bit more action? There is also a 50/50 and a Cash Calendar option with 100 days of daily cash prizes.

For ticket information, prize details, and how to reach the lottery’s website, see our 2017 Calgary Hospital Home Lottery reference page.

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