DEADLINE TONIGHT for $30,000 in Early Rewards!

ONTARIO, November 16, 2023 – Split the Pot Lottery is all about sharing the love across Ontario. From sharing the proceeds among the 22 participating Ontario Hospitals to sharing the winnings with supporters, there’s no better way to be part of a collective to enhance Ontario healthcare and Ontarian’s homes.

Do you want to WIN? Get your Split the Pot Lottery tickets before midnight tonight and you could be 1 of 2 lucky winners who will split $10,000 in the Early Bird draw tomorrow. AND you’ll be in for the BIGGEST Early Bird draw next week where 2 winners will split $20,000!

PLUS, don’t forget, there’s not 1 but 13 Grand Prize winners. Buy now for a chance to win your share of the ever-growing jackpot!

Tickets start as low as $10, but the best value is in the 400 tickets for $60 – that’s only $0.15 per ticket for a chance at a whole lot of winnings!

While 50% of lottery ticket purchases support participating Ontario Hospitals, Split the Pot Lottery has 13 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS to award cash to!

  • 1 winner will take home 60% of the jackpot
  • 2 winners will split 20% of the jackpot
  • 10 winners will split 20% of the jackpot


Together We Thrive. Support Participating Ontario Hospitals.

Increase your chances at extra CASH winnings!


All Split the Pot Lottery details, including ticket prices, prizes, draws, important dates and contest rules can be found at

Lottery Licence RAF#1342985

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