December 11,2019

Early Bird winner announced in the 2017 HSC Millionaire Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, November 23, 2017 — Whether you wanted a complete home redesign, the luxury to go on a vacation whenever you want to for the rest of your life, or just wanted a big payout of cold, hard cash, the Early Bird prize in the 2017 HSC Millionaire Lottery was probably on your radar. If you snagged a ticket before the deadline on November 9th, then you were in the running for this spectacular prize. 

The winner chosen in yesterday’s draw was A. Wiens from Winnipeg, with ticket #: 006131. As the Early Bird winner, you’ll have to make the tough decision between a $150,000 Home Redesign Package (a $100,000 Pioneer Building renovation credit, $20,000 for appliances, and $30,000 in Cash), OR Vacations for Life ($150,000 value), OR $125,000 Cash. What would you choose?

For more lottery information and to reach the official lottery website, please see the 2017 HSC Millionaire Lottery reference page.

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