Five VIP Prize Winners named in the 2017 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery!

TORONTO, ON, March 22, 2017 — The five winners that were drawn in yesterday’s 2017 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery VIP Draw have just been announced! It’s time for the winners to brush up on the Italian and start packing, because they are all going on their own 10-Day Italian adventures!

Each winner has received a $10,000 trip to Italy courtesy of Able Travel that includes plenty of sightseeing excursions, VIP access to must-see attractions, and all the wonders of the ancient ruins of Rome to the scenic canals of Venice. The bonus deadline was midnight on March 10. Jetting off on an amazing vacation are:

  • Noubar Orfalian of Thornhill (Ticket #137296)
  • Rick & Mahindree Jhaman of Thornhill (Ticket #077157)
  • Christine Tawse of Burlington (Ticket #188939)
  • Elizabeth Anderson of Oshawa (Ticket #159558)
  • Nicole Fear of Richmond Hill (Ticket #145832)

The next draw will be for the Bonus Prize, which is the condo in downtown Toronto, plus $50,000 cash. The deadline for that draw is midnight, April 7, 2017. Tickets are available online on the official lottery ticket ordering page for $100 each, 3-Pack for $250, or a 5-Pack for $375.

Want a chance at a minimum $1 million payout? Then don’t forget to pick up your 50/50 tickets. They’re a steal at 1 for $10, 5-Pack for $25, or 15-Pack for $50. Or, maybe you’d like a chance to win one of the daily cash prizes in this year’s 100 days Cash Calendar. Grab your ticket for $25 each, 3-Pack for $50, or 6-Pack for $75.

For official prize details and other ways to purchase tickets, please visit their website at

See reference information on Home Lottery News: 2017 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery

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