July 15,2019

Dream Lottery’s VIP Deadline is LESS THAN 3 DAYS AWAY!

LONDON, ON, October 30, 2018 — Dream Lottery’s VIP Deadline is fast approaching!  By ordering early … you have more chances to WIN!

Be 1 of 24 Winners who will WIN various amounts of CASH …Yell BINGO!

Let’s not forget about the “Free Play” … in other words, 3,500 SINGLE FREE TICKETS will be awarded and imagine winning on a free ticket … just like Dream’s $1,000,000 Winners did last fall!

PLUS, when you ORDER EARLY, you have more chances of WINNING!  So much to Win … VIP, Bonus, Early Bird and ALL final draws of vehicles, vacations, cash and so much more – including 1 of 2 Luxurious Dream Homes or $1,000,000 Cash!

With tickets as low as 2 for $50, it’s your most affordable chance to walk away a winner!  Or you can gather your friends, family and co-workers to SAVE BIG with 35 for $500 … that’s just $14.29 per ticket!

Don’t miss your chance to WIN BIG and WIN SUPPORTING PATIENT CARE!  

Every ticket is a life-changer when you support London Health Sciences Foundation, Children’s Health Foundation, and St. Joseph’s Health Care London by purchasing tickets for the Dream Lottery.


Visit the Dream Lottery’s website to order tickets,
participating Shoppers Drug Mart locations, or by phone 1-866-802-4117.

Dream Lottery Licence 10138 | 50/50 Licence 10139 | Calendar Licence 10140

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