It’s the WINNER’S CHOICE with the Trucks and Bucks Lottery

Saskatchewan, May 30, 2024 — How often does a lottery give you the opportunity to REALLY pick your prize?  For 2024, the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks lottery isn’t just giving you a choice of one or two vehicles, they’re offering almost ANY vehicle you want!

The grand prize winner will receive a $65,000 credit towards ANY VEHICLE from any dealership in the province.  Not looking for a new set of wheels?  You can choose to saunter off into the sunset with $60,000 in cash instead. The options are endless and it’s all in your hands! Click below or call 1-866-653-9191 to get tickets.

Buy Tickets

Tickets start as low as $25 for one, but if you have your eyes on the prize and want the best chance of winning, you can choose 100 tickets for only $150! That works out to $1.50 per entry.  

PLUS when you get your ticket before June 19, you’re also entered into the EARLY BIRD Cruise Prize package. You could be enjoying breath-taking views of Alaska from your ocean-view cabin as you cruise along in a 7-night Alaskan Cruise Vacation package (with flights and accommodation included!) or choose $5,000 CASH instead.

And this isn’t the only additional prize you’ll qualify to win, there’s 10 more prizes up for grabs. Visit the lottery website to view all the great new prizes and purchase your tickets.

Want even more cash in your pocket? Look no further than the Trucks and Bucks Lottery 50/50 Jackpot Draw! This massive jackpot is already steadily growing and is over $62,000! The total jackpot can grow up to $200,000 and the winner gets HALF! The most affordable tickets start at $10, and with plenty of ticket bundle choices for every budget.  

Participating in the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery is a great way to help the community and the causes they support. The Saskatchewan Elks Association exist to promote Provincial projects and to unite, promote, and encourage members and Lodges in fulfilling the Elks of Canada Mission and Vision on a smaller scale.  “A Canadian volunteer organization of men and women serving communities.”

Main Lottery Licence #: LR24-0004
50/50 Lottery Licence # LR24-0003


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