Loyalty Deadline Next Week for the 2017 Fall London Dream Lottery

LONDON, Ontario, October 12, 2017 — Are you ready to fulfill those travel dreams, to finally take the vacation you’ve always dreamt of, dropping everything and becoming a certified globe-trotter? A romantic getaway to Paris, enjoying romantic dinners overlooking the Eiffel Tower every night, or how about an adventure and a half when you take an expedition down the great Nile River?  The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination!

There’s only a week left to beat the deadline and be eligible to win this fantastic Loyalty Prize, so order your tickets online or call 519-488-7100 or toll-free 1-866-802-4117 to order by phone.

The 2017 Fall London Dream Lottery is here to make those travel dreams a reality with its Loyalty Draw. For one lucky winner, the prize could be a small slice of paradise- a $52,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate awaits the Loyalty Draw winner, OR if the winner is not feeling adventure in their lives right now, they can opt in for either the option of $1,000 a Week for a Year OR choose a one-time payout of $50,000 Cash. Whichever prize they choose, their lives will be more the richer either literally or with experiences.

If this sounds like the draw for you, you’ll want to grab your tickets before the deadline, of Midnight, Thursday, October 19, 2017. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, November 2, 2017.

Also, why not add some 50/50 tickets to your main lottery ticket order? With the 50/50, you’ll have a shot at winning half of that jackpot – currently $500,000!

Main lottery tickets are 2 for $50, 6 for $100, 16 for $250, 35 for $500. 50/50 tickets are 2 for $15, 6 for $30, and 20 for $60. Money and Memory Calendar tickets are 5 for $20, or 20 for $40. Order your tickets online or call 519-488-7100 or toll-free 1-866-802-4117 to order by phone.

DL LL: 9115 50/50 LL: 9116 CL LL: 9117

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