Only Three Days until the Trucks and Bucks Early Bird Deadline!

Saskatchewan, June 17, 2024 — ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to qualify for Early Bird prize in the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery!  
Purchase your tickets by Wednesday, June 19 and you could be sailing off into the sunset on an Alaskan cruise OR $5,000 CASH That’s the BIG reward for beating the Early Bird Deadline!

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The even BIGGER reward is you’ll be in on the final draws where the Grand Prize Winner will get their choice of a $65,000 credit to ANY car dealership in the province OR $60,000 CASH! Unlike other lotteries, with the Trucks and Bucks Lottery YOU get to PICK the prize!

Tickets start as low as $25 each and there’s plenty of ticket bundles available to increase your chances of winning.  New this year, there’s also 10 more final prizes up for grabs. Visit the lottery website to view all the great new prizes and purchase your tickets.

Want even more cash in your pocket? The Trucks and Bucks Lottery 50/50 Jackpot Draw is steadily growing and is over $70,000! The most affordable tickets start at $10, with plenty of ticket bundle choices for every budget. 

Participating in the Sask Elks Trucks and Bucks Lottery is a great way to help the community and the causes they support. The Saskatchewan Elks Association exist to promote Provincial projects and to unite, promote, and encourage members and Lodges in fulfilling the Elks of Canada Mission and Vision on a smaller scale.  “A Canadian volunteer organization of men and women serving communities.”


Main Lottery Licence #: LR24-0004
50/50 Lottery Licence # LR24-0003


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