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Every ticket purchased helps to support the thousands of homeless and neglected animals that SPCA Saskatoon takes into their care each year. Their mission is to improve quality of life for companion animals in the community through education, adoption, and the enforcement of animal welfare legislation, in a sustainable manner.

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Latest News about SPCA Saskatoon Lotteries

  • 2017 Saskatoon Spring Cash Lottery Final Cash and Super Supporter Draw are happening March 31 March 27, 2017
    SASKATOON, SK, March 27, 2017 — You can also hear the animals cheering you on as the race to the final grand prize draw nears an end. There have been draws every day since March 1 and the end is in sight! Do you have your ticket handy? See full article for details
  • 2016 Saskatoon SPCA Christmas Lottery Winners Announced January 7, 2017
    SASKATOON, SK, January 7, 2017 — Did you buy a ticket to the Christmas Cash Lottery? All 31 daily winners have now been selected and announced, as well as the 50/50 winner who took home a windfall of $3512 cash. See complete winners list here
  • 2016 Saskatoon SPCA Christmas Lottery 50/50 Draw is Saturday December 27, 2016
    SASKATOON, SK, December 27, 2016 — Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean the gifts have stopped! If you have supported the Saskatoon SPCA by purchasing a 50/50 ticket along with your Christmas Lottery ticket this year, you may want to keep it close! The 50/50 winner will be drawn this Saturday, December 31, ...
  • 2016 Saskatoon SPCA Christmas Lottery Draws start soon! November 24, 2016
    SASKATOON, SK, November 24, 2016 — The SPCA wants to stuff some pockets with cash this holiday season! They will be awarding $100 daily throughout December, with larger cash prizes up to $2500 on select days. Grab your ticket for only $15 (or 20 for only $100) and get in on the fun this Christmas! ...
  • 2016 Saskatoon SPCA Christmas Lottery Has Launched November 7, 2016
    SASKATOON, SK, November 7, 2016 —  Do you want to help support the thousands of homeless and neglected animals that come through the door at the Saskatoon SPCA each year? You can when you buy a ticket in their Christmas Lottery which is now underway. A ticket purchase earns you a chance at 31 days ...


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