April 25,2017

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2017 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Loyalty Draw deadline is April 25th

LONDON, ON, April 19, 2017 — Grab your ticket before the Loyalty deadline and you could win $1,000 cash every week for a year, or $45,000 cash right now! Plus you’ll be entered into the VIP, Bonus, and Early Bird Draws before the grand finale in July. Dream Home Lottery, 50/50, and Prize Calendar tickets are available online. See full article for details.

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2017 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Has Arrived!

LONDON, ON, April 5, 2017 —  How does 11,771 prizes worth $1,770,609.72 (including applicable taxes and freight) plus the opportunity to support London Health Sciences Centre, Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, sound to you? Pretty great probably! The 2017 Spring London Dream Home Lottery offers just this with an amazing line-up of life changing prizes. Buy now and don’t miss out on your chance to walk away a winner! See full article for details.

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Dream innovations greet spring: London Dream Lottery Starts Today

LONDON, Ontario, March 31, 2017 — Dream Lottery supports innovative, leading-edge care at Southwestern Ontario’s regional hospitals located in London, so it’s not surprising that the lottery continues to innovate with its prizes as well.

Last spring, Dream Lottery offered an amazing, environmentally friendly, shipping container home in Bayfield. In the fall, hospital supporters had a chance to win the ultimate Canadian dream home – with a hockey rink in the basement. This spring is no different. Spring Dream Lottery tickets go on sale today with the chance to dream about carefree living in London, an accessible beachfront condo home in Port Stanley or $1 million in cash.

Read more in this press release from the London Health Sciences Foundation.

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Reminder to check if you’re a winner in the 2016 Dream Lottery for BC Children’s Hospital

VANCOUVER, BC, January 5, 2017 — If you bought tickets in last year’s BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery, and you haven’t already checked your tickets, now is the time to do it.  Even if you didn’t buy tickets, sometimes its a little bit of fun distraction to see if your family or friends won something…

We maintain our own list of the 2016 BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery Winners for reference and research purposes, but want to remind our faithful readers to search the complete, official version, while it’s still online. Our page also contains a direct link to the searchable list of the 2016 Dream Lottery winners to make it easy for you.

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2016 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Major Winners Announced

LONDON, ON, July 14, 2016 —  If you bought a ticket in the 2016 Spring London Dream Home Lottery, you might be a winner! The Ultimate Grand Prize Winner and 50/50 winners were announced on July 11th and 12th and they are taking home some truly amazing prizes. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to check your ticket! See full article for details and links.

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2016 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Bonus draw is Thursday, June 9th

LONDON, ON, June 2, 2016 — If you’ve purchased your ticket early, then you may be feeling those warm and fuzzies that come with giving back to the community. You may also be feeling excitement- because the Bonus draw is next week and if you purchased your ticket before May 24 then you could be winning big! The winner will have the choice between a $25,000 Nexion Travel Gift Certificate OR Volkswagen Beetle (valued at $24,554) OR $20,000 cash. Plus, two-packs of free Dream Home Lottery tickets will be awarded to 2,500 additional winners. The next chance to win early is the Early Bird draw- the deadline is also June 9th so snag those tickets early! See full article for details and links

If you still haven’t bought your ticket, you have a few days left to get in before the Early Bird deadline, which is June 9th at midnight. This is the BIGGEST Early Bird yet for this lottery: there will be 50 winners! Visit the official 2016 Spring London Dream Home Lottery website for prize details.

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