December 15,2018

Palm Springs News Stream

Final winners announced in the 2017 Alberta Cancer Foundation Cash and Cars Lottery

CALGARY, AB, October 29, 2017 — The names are in! Announced live October 26 on Global Morning News, the top ten winners from this year’s Alberta Cancer Foundation Cash and Cars Lottery are now adjusting to their newly enriched lives. Did you catch the draws live? If you didn’t, fear not! We have the major winners here for you. See full article for details.

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2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Big Passport PLUS™ Calendar Winners Announced

WINNIPEG, MB, January 31, 2017 — Las Vegas, Nashville or Palm Springs- where would you go? Or would you take $2,500 cash instead? If you were one of the first 30 winners in the Big Passport PLUS™ then you’ve got a decision to make! As for the 31st winner, it’s either “Aloha” to sunny Maui, or $15,000 cash. See full article for winners.

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