October 20,2019

2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Big Passport PLUS™ Calendar Winners Announced

WINNIPEG, MB, January 31, 2017 — Can you believe it’s already the end of January? The new year is officially under way, and there are 31 Big Passport PLUS™ Calendar Winners that will be spending some of 2017 experiencing new places!

All 31 winners have now been announced, and $125,000 worth of prizes has been awarded to these HSC Millionaire Lottery supporters. The first 30 winners had the choice of a trip to Las Vegas, Nashville or Palm Springs (valued at $3,500) OR they could choose $2,500 cash. The Final (31st) Cash Calendar winner will choose either a Trip to Maui (valued at $15,000) plus $5,000 cash OR $15,000 cash.

Here are the winners: Garry Fedorchuk of Gimli (Ticket # 106502), Wesley Neepin of Gillam (Ticket # 130519), Lisa Polson of Oakbank (Ticket # 103087), Belinda Vandenbroeck of Woodlands (Ticket # 137644), Ann Peiluck of Winnipeg (Ticket # 108269), Randy Michaniuk of St Martin (Ticket # 112797), Art Peters of Winnipeg (Ticket # 111271), Roberto Contreras of Winnipeg (Ticket # 109217), Verna Sylvestre of Winnipeg (Ticket # 106734), Murray Mullin of Swan River (Ticket # 101700), Melissa Skazel of Winnipeg (Ticket # 106522), Florence Salvador of Winnipeg (Ticket # 121042), William Chymyshyn of Winnipeg (Ticket # 106676), Jamie Combiadakis of Winnipeg (Ticket # 111926), Fred Magson of Lynn Lake (Ticket # 135655), Ronald Roteliuk of Portage La Prairie (Ticket # 134905), Nelli Petkau of Narol (Ticket # 117499), Marianne Pohl of Winnipeg (Ticket # 124115), Jamie Wheaton of Winnipeg (Ticket # 118535), Helen Longmuir of Beausejour (Ticket # 123980), Debbie Willows-Lyle of Winnipeg (Ticket # 122622), Therese Dorge of Ste Agathe (Ticket # 122529), Maria Masesar of Winnipeg (Ticket # 125137), Ron Epp of Winnipeg (Ticket # 100417), Shantal Thompson of Macgregor (Ticket # 129723), Swee Lee Teo of Winnipeg (Ticket # 106081), Carolyne Leurquin of Winnipeg (Ticket # 125473), Les Thompsett of Winnipeg (Ticket # 107109), Victor Major of Dugale (Ticket # 124046), and Helen Semehyshyn of Winnipeg (Ticket # 130279).

Taking home either a Trip to Maui (valued at $15,000) plus $5,000 cash OR $15,000 cash is Michael Schiefer of Winnipeg (Ticket # 119877).

For more information and for the complete searchable list of winners, please visit the official lottery website or see reference information here on Home Lottery News.

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