The Countdown to Final Deadline is ON for One Great Lottery!

Winnipeg, MB, June 14, 2022 — Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

This is your LAST OPPORTUNITY to drive away a winner with a whole lot of CASH in your pocket!

Your chance to WIN the growing cash jackpot – now over $216,000 – AND a $123,000 valued bonus prize package, including a luxury SUV, ends at midnight TOMORROW. CASH IN while supporting compassionate care in your community!

But…you can’t win without a ticket!

When you support One Great Lottery, you’re making a difference for two great causes and a big WIN for compassionate care in Manitoba. If you’re lucky, it could be a big WIN for YOU too, but not without your tickets!

ORDER NOW online at

Support Compassionate Care.

LGCA 3962-RF-37571 LGCA 3962-RF-37572

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