2016 Fall London Dream Home Lottery Bonus Draw and Early Bird deadline is Thursday at Midnight!

LONDON, ON, November 29, 2016 — If you purchased your Dream Home Lottery ticket before midnight on November 17, then you qualify for the Bonus Draw and a trip to Spain may be in your near future! Where would you go first? A $25,000 travel gift certificate could take you from the buzzing streets of Barcelona to the southern Arabian-influenced alleyways of Granada and everywhere in between.

The Bonus Draw is this Thursday, December 1 at 10AM at the office of Deloitte LLP, 255 Queens Avenue, Suite 700, London. The Bonus Prize winner will have the choice between $25,000 Spain Nexion Gift Certificate, OR a Hyundia Accent, OR $20,000 Cash. There will also be 2,500 winners of 2-Packs of Free Tickets.

The Early Bird deadline is also this Thursday, at Midnight. Grab your ticket before then to be entered into the Early Bird prize draw, which will award 49 winners with $1,000, and ten with $5,000 cash!

Tickets are available online, by mail/fax, in-person, or by phone (1-866-802-4117). Tickets are 2 for $50, 6 for $100, 16 for $250, and 35 for $500. There is also a 50/50 add-on available for 2 for $15, 6 for $30, and 20 for $60. 50/50 ticket buyers have a chance at half of a potential $1 Million jackpot.

For more information on this year’s 2016 Fall London Dream Home Lottery please visit the official lottery website.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News for the 2016 Fall London Dream Home Lottery.

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