April 26,2018

2016 Fall QEII Home Lottery Cash Calendar Full Winners List Announced

HALIFAX, NS, January 2, 2017 — December is the month of giving after all and give it did to 31 lucky 2016 Fall QEII Home Lottery supporters. Every day last month saw daily cash giveaways of $5,000 handed out with $10,000 given away on Fridays and a whopping $50,000 on New Year’s Eve. And now the complete list of those winners is available online on the official lottery website so grab your ticket and check…you never know! To save you the trouble though we’ll also share it here:

  • December 1st: Rowena Knight of Dartmouth (Ticket #934192)
  • December 3rd: Rod & Hilda Richard of Bedford (Ticket #919198)
  • December 4th: Ron Samson of Halifax (Ticket #945448)
  • December 5th: Jillian Lee of Lantz (Ticket #907649)
  • December 6th: Patsy & Chester Wyman of Dartmouth (Ticket #905631)
  • December 7th: Patricia Mcquillan of Halifax (Ticket #943070)
  • December 8th: Martin Gillen of Halifax (Ticket #945089)
  • December 10th: Derrick Hulbert of Afton (Ticket #928446
  • December 11th: Shannon Poirier of Bedford (Ticket #905749)
  • December 12th: Jamie Kelly of Wolfville (Ticket #937363)
  • December 13th: Grant Jardine of Wolfville (Ticket #914725)
  • December 14th: Cathy & Wayne Faulkner of Dartmouth (Ticket #907368)
  • December 15th: Adrian Blair of Beaver Bank (Ticket #941953)
  • December 17th: Irene & Ed Tremblett of Truro (Ticket #939074)
  • December 18th: Michelle Arnold of Halifax (Ticket #901857)
  • December 19th: Amos Cameron of Tangier (Ticket #907775)
  • December 20th: Conny Wittmann of New Harbour (Ticket #923121)
  • December 21st: Inge Cox of Halifax (Ticket #903082)
  • December 22nd: Barb Mcdonald of Sydney (Ticket #919813)
  • December 24th: Glen & Doritta Gale of Enfield (Ticket #932185)
  • December 25th: Mark Simpson of Hammonds Plains (Ticket #901687)
  • December 26th: Marshall Lewis of Hubley (Ticket #906014)
  • December 27th: Tiffany Cox of Halifax (Ticket #928570)
  • December 28th: Todd Graham of Judique (Ticket #943023)
  • December 29th: E. Kathleen Cann of New Minas (Ticket #920695)

Prize details: $5,000 cash

  • December 2nd: Audrey Lepage-Abraham of Halifax (Ticket #918878)
  • December 9th: Everett Buckley of Dartmouth (Ticket #940777)
  • December 16th: Ferne Mcneil of Halifax (Ticket #920177)
  • December 23rd: Kirk Smith of Halifax (Ticket #945077)
  • December 30th: Harold Gillard of Glace Bay (Ticket #939051)

Prize details: $10,000 cash

$50,000 CASH on December 31st: Lynda Mcewen of Beaver Bank (Ticket #909509)

With the awarding of the Cash Calendar draws, all of the prizes draws have now been completed in this year’s lottery. The complete winners’ list is available as a downloadable PDF here.

According to the official lottery website, all winners will be notified in writing by Deloitte LLP via official winners letter.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News for the 2016 Fall QEII Home Lottery as well as a complete list of winners on our Winners Page.



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