December 15,2018

2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Early Bird Draw #1 deadline is October 30th

FORT McMURRAY, AB, October 25, 2016 — Thinking about buying a ticket to the Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery, to support the team and maybe win a big prize in the process? Well, the highest chance you have of winning something is by buying early- the first Early Bird prize is worth $10,000: a $5,000 travel voucher and $5,000 cash. But the memories you’ll make and the photos you take on your vacation will be priceless- and all in the name of supporting youth hockey!

The winner will be re-entered in the Early Bird 2 and Final Draws, giving them more chances to win. Tickets are $100 each or 3 for $250, and you can also opt in for the 50/50. For $50 you can grab 15 tickets and the chance at half the pot! Minimum payout is $136,500.

Buy online (, by phone, or in person. The Early Bird cut-off is next Sunday, October 30. See our reference page for more details at 2017 Oil Barons Lottery.

For official prize information and rules, visit the official lottery website at

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