2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Final Winners Announced

FORT McMURRAY, AB, February 22, 2017 — The Oil Barons wrapped up their Dream Home Lottery on Monday, and sent home some loyal supporters with the keys to an exciting 2017!

The Grand Prize winner was Carole Ann Ford of Fort McMurray (Ticket #135). Better start packing, because the next chapter of your life waits for you in the $1.2 million Dream Home that is now all yours!

The second prize was a Jeep Wrangler Sport 4×4, which was awarded to Tyson Clive and Tyler Mackeen of Fort McMurray (Ticket #20048). The 3rd prize was a 2016 RAV4 AWD, now belonging to Lilian & James Kostiuk of Fort McMurray (Ticket #23061).  A Polaris 2016 Rush ProX & Indy 120 & 8×10 trailer was the 4th prize, awarded to Bill White of Fort McMurray (Ticket #4285). And finally, the 5th prize was a Harley Davidson 2016 Street XG750, and it’s all yours, Stephanie Bishop of Fort McMurray (Ticket #19738)!

The Cash 50% Bonus winner was also drawn. Grant Rasmussen of Fort McMurray (Ticket ##189052) is now $180,053 richer.

For official prize information and rules, please visit the official lottery website at

For a summary of prize details and important dates, see our reference page at 2017 Oil Barons Lottery.

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