May 26,2018

2017 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Bonus Draw deadline is on May 24th

LONDON, ON, May 19, 2017 — How does a wine tour through Tuscany sound? Or maybe strolling the streets of Paris is more your scene? With $10,000 to put towards travel, you could be off to Europe in no time.

The 2017 Spring London Dream Home Lottery wants to send five early buyers to their dream destinations, and they’re going to do so with the Bonus Draw. Each winner will win a $10,000 Nexion Travel Gift Certificate to craft whatever travel itinerary they wish, or they can take the $8,000 cash option. PLUS there will be 5,000 winners of a free London Dream Home Lottery ticket! The Bonus Draw deadline is coming up quickly though- you have to buy before midnight on Wednesday, May 24, to be entered into this draw.

Once you’re in, you’re in for the rest of the fun, including the Early Bird and Grand Prize draws. For extra chances to win you could tack on prize calendar and 50/50 tickets to your main lottery ticket purchase.

For details on these additional draws, prizes, and for more information on how to reach the lottery’s website, please read the “Ticket Information” section of our reference page.

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