January 17,2019

2017 STARS Lottery Alberta and Lucky Stars 50/50 FINAL sales deadlines are coming up

ALBERTA, March 15, 2017 — STARS is a non-profit service that stands for Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service. Each year, STARS serves thousands of people by transporting them quickly to the hospitals where they can get the urgent advanced treatment they need, when they need it most.

You can support this life-saving service by purchasing a ticket for their lottery, and in turn you’ll have the chance to win some incredible prizes, including one of the four Grand Prize homes that will be awarded. You could win a Custom Bungalow in Calgary (worth $998,000), “The Fairmount” of Edmonton (worth $973,979), the “Cerberus” in Red Deer (worth $870,450), or the “Ashmore” in Lethbridge (worth $780,000). Each home is unique with something special to offer. There are also six vehicles, 24 vacations, 1,578 electronic gadgets and more great prizes to be won!

And don’t forget about the LUCKY STARS 50/50 –  the jackpot has reached its maximum at $3.1 million, which means a $1.55 million payout to the winner.

Want to play? You’ve got to act quickly because the lottery is almost over! Ticket sales will end at midnight on March 22, 2017. The Final Draw date is April 10-13, 2017, with the top five valued draws happening on April 13.

STARS Lottery tickets are $25 each, 3 for $60, 6 for $100, or 18 for $250 (best value at only $13.88/ticket!). LUCKY STARS 50/50 tickets are $10 each, 5 for $25, or 15 for $50. These can be purchased online on the STARS Ticket Ordering website, by phone: 1-888-880-0992, fax: 1-877-787-7329 and through the mail (download the order form and mail to PO BOX 700 STATION M, CALGARY, AB, T2P 4Y3).

For official details, please visit the lottery website at

See reference information on Home Lottery News for the 2017 STARS Lottery Alberta.

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