It’s the Absolute Final Week! Tickets Almost Sold Out

VANCOUVER, BC, Friday, August 31, 2021 — Got your Dream Lottery tickets yet? If not, this is likely your absolute final chance!

Tickets are over 92% sold and will most likely sell out this week. If you order today, you’ll get in to win a Grand Prize package worth over $2.9 million or $2,300,000 tax-free cash – the biggest cash Grand Prize option in BC Children’s Hospital Lottery history!

You’ll also beat the End of Summer Bonus Deadline (worth over $34,000) and you’ll be automatically entered into the Fall Bonus Draw (worth over $38,000) and 51 Early Bird Draws (with over $400,000 in prizes up for grabs).

If you top-up your order with Daily Cash PLUS tickets, you’ll be in for 102 extra draws, with $335,000 in cash prizes. And, if you get your tickets for the 50/50 PLUS, you’ll be in to win half of this fall’s biggest jackpot! The 50/50 is already over $1.8 million and it’s on a record-breaking pace.

Of course, it’s not just about the prizes. It’s about the cause.

Every ticket ordered in the 2021 Dream Lottery supports BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in its quest to conquer childhood illnesses.

Challenge the status quo

Every year, BC Children’s Hospital treats over 96,000 kids, many of them battling debilitating diseases and chronic conditions. Research is critical to overcoming these illnesses – and, with your support, you’re helping to advance studies that have the power to solve the biggest challenges in child health.

You’re helping make more breakthroughs a reality.

“Our hospital is home to world-leading experts, and a large reason for this is due to the significant amount of resources we put towards research,” says Akash Rattan, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Dream Lottery funds go directly towards innovative research, which leads to new medical solutions to treat B.C.’s sick and injured children.”

From opening the door to novel therapies for conditions like childhood cancer or rare diseases, to discovering life-changing breakthroughs in the way experts deliver care or perform surgeries, your support will bring new hope to children and families who need it most.

“Over the past 14 months throughout the pandemic, our hospital’s researchers and clinicians haven’t lifted their feet off the gas pedal,” says Rattan. “They have pivoted and adapted to changes as needed, and most importantly they have continued to provide our children with the best medical options available.

“Thank you to all of our Dream Lottery participants for your continued support.”

Order Today

Get your tickets online,
by Phone at 604-536-2491
or 1-888-888-1567.
or in-person at London Drugs

Tickets cost 3 for $100 / 6 for $175 / 9 for $250 / 20 for $500

  • 50/50 PLUS tickets are 2 for $15 / 6 for $30 / 16 for $60
  • Daily Cash PLUS tickets are 2 for $25 / 6 for $50

50/50 PLUS and Daily Cash PLUS tickets can only be purchased if a 2021 BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery main ticket has been purchased.

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