Announcing the 2022 HSC Millionaire Lottery!

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Friday, September 9, 2022 — You could become Manitoba’s next millionaire!

The HSC Millionaire Lottery is back with over 2,000 prizes and six Grand Prize options, including home packages (worth up to $1.6 million) or $1,250,000 tax-free cash. Plus, every Grand Prize home option comes with tons of additional prizes, such as cash, vehicles, gift cards, including gas and groceries for a year!

Remember to get your tickets for the Extra Cash PLUS and 50/50 PLUS – and if you order early, you’ll get in Bonus draws (worth over $90,000 total) and Early Bird draws (26 winners; worth over $200,000) to win cars, cash, travel, and more.

Last year’s lottery sold out early, so don’t wait! You won’t want to miss out on your chance to become a millionaire.

You can see all this year’s prizes and Grand Prize homes at the HSC Millionaire Lottery website:

  • Win a Grand Prize Draw worth $1.6 million: choose a Maric Home in Sage Creek; or, a Sterling Home in Sage Creek; or, an Artista Home in Charleswood (RidgeWood West); or, a Daytona Home in Aurora at North Point; or, a Pacific Ocean-view home in British Columbia, at wonderful SookePoint; or, become an instant millionaire with $1,250,000 tax-free cash!
  • Beat the deadlines! Get your tickets early and you’ll be automatically entered in the Fall Bonus Draw, worth over $37,000 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, September 29, 2022), and the Super Bonus Draw, worth over $53,000 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, October 13, 2022). As well, every ticket ordered before midnight, Thursday, November 3 will be entered in 26 Early Bird Draws, with over $200,000 in prizes up for grabs – including a $150,000 cash prize!
  • Play the Extra Cash PLUS: 120 winners… $148,000 in cash prizes… our extra game is back for 2022! (Tickets: 2 for $20 / 5 for $40 / 15 for $60 / 40 for $80)
  • Get your 50/50 PLUS® tickets: It’s this fall’s biggest jackpot. And the winner takes half! (Maximum jackpot: $2.5 million) (Tickets: 2 for $20 / 10 for $40 / 30 for $60 / 60 for $80)

We all need HSC, and HSC needs you

All ticket proceeds from the 2022 HSC Millionaire Lottery support Health Sciences Centre Foundation, helping the hospital provide the best possible care for patients and make life-changing – and saving – technological advances.

“Lottery supporters are integral in making improvements to patient care, as well as facility and equipment upgrades,” says HSC Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Jonathon Lyon. “As we focus on Operation Excellence, our largest-ever fundraising campaign, lottery ticket buyers will have a direct role in helping end surgical wait times and refocusing HSC as a surgical centre of excellence and innovation.”

HSC is Manitoba’s largest health care facility, with specialized support for trauma, neurosurgery, burns, transplants, and psychiatric health. Foundation supporters like you improve the care and facilities at HSC for patients and their loved ones from Manitoba and beyond.



Order online at HSC Millionaire Lottery

By Phone: 204-253-5688
Toll-Free: 1-855-999-5688
By Mail/Fax

Tickets are also available in person at London Drugs (St. Vital Centre), Red River Co-op Food Stores and Main Street Pharmacy, and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Portage la Prairie.

Tickets cost 1 for $100 / 2 for $175 / 4 for $300 / 8 for $500

  • 50/50 PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 10 for $40 / 30 for $60 / 60 for $80
  • Extra Cash PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 5 for $40 / 15 for $60 / 40 for $80

50/50 PLUS and Extra Cash PLUS tickets can only be ordered with your 2022 HSC Millionaire Lottery main ticket(s) on the same transaction.

License Numbers: LGCA 1822-RF-38221, LGCA 1822-RF-38310, LGCA 1822-RF-38311


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