2017 Brentwood Lottery XXVI

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Dream Home is built by the Brentwood Lottery’s Community Partner, Lakepoint Homes. It features hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms as well as the second floor hallway. Ceramics are included in the foyer, kitchen, eating area, all of the bathrooms, and the laundry room. The kitchen features soft-close cabinets so that even in the hustle and bustle of life, at least you can count on your kitchen to be a quiet space. The home also features a two-storey foyer with a railing system open to below. Nestled in the bustling valley of Kingsville, Ontario, this is a perfect home base for the working professional, a young family, or even a vacation home. 

Address: 19 Mulberry Cres, Kingsville, ON

Early Bird 

  • Draw #1 to #100: 3-pack of Brentwood Lottery XXVI tickets (retail value $100 each)
  • Draw #101: $25,000 Cash

Final Draws

  • Draw #1: $5,000 Cash
  • Draw #2 to #26: $200 Cash each
  • Draw #27: $2,500 Cash
  • Draw #28 to #77: $250 Cash each
  • Draw #78: $2,500 Cash
  • Draw #79 to #103: $400 Cash each
  • Draw #104: $2,500 Cash
  • Draw #105 to #129: $500 Cash each
  • Draw #130 to #134: $1,000 Cash
  • Draw #135: Chevrolet Equinox or$25,000 Cash
  • Draw #136 to #140: $1,000 Cash each
  • Draw #141: Ford Mustang or $28,000 Cash
  • Draw #142 to #146: $1,000 Cash each
  • Draw #147: Jeep Wrangler or $40,000 Cash
  • Draw #148 to #157: $1,000 Cash each
  • Draw #158: NEW HOME (see Grand Prize Dream Home above) or $320,00 Cash

Vehicle Prizes

  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler supplied by Motor City Chrysler (Retail value $49,942) or $40,000 Cash
  • 2018 Ford Mustang supplied by Joe Meloche Ford (Retail value $34,191) or $28,000 Cash
  • 2018 Chevrolet Equinox supplied by Gus Revenberg Chevrolet (Retail value $30,316) or $25,000 Cash

Important Dates

  • Early Bird Deadline: November 27, 2017 at 9 PM
  • Early Bird Draw: December 7, 2017 at 1 PM
  • Final Deadline: December 31, 2017 at Midnight
  • Final Draws: January 13, 2018 at 12 PM

Early Bird and Final Draws are open to the public, and will take place at the Brentwood Recovery Home (2335 Dougall Avenue, Windsor).

Ticket and Website Information

Official Lottery Website:

Main Lottery:

  • 1 for $50
  • 3 for $100

Tickets are available by the following methods:

  • Online on their website, by downloading their ticket order form
  • By phone by calling the Brentwood Recovery Home at: 519-255-1002 (open Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)
  • In person at the various ticket vendor locations that support the Brentwood lottery (see the official website for full list)


“Brentwood is a Recovery Home committed to providing lifelong compassionate care and abstinence-based treatment in a residential setting for people whose primary problem is alcohol & drug abuse while providing non-residential support for family members.” – Brentwood Mission Statement

All proceeds from the Brentwood Lottery will remain in their community, serving the individuals and families that suffer from substance abuse in the Windsor and Essex Country area. The funds will help pay for the Addiction Treatment programs that they offer.


Lottery Website

Lottery License

Lottery Licence #9055 

Brentwood is a Charitable Organization. Charitable Registration No. 11885 0130 RR0001

Latest News about the Brentwood Lottery

  • Final Draw winners announced in the 2017 Brentwood Lottery XXVI January 16, 2018
    WINDSOR, ON, January 16, 2018 — Kingsville, Ontario is ready to welcome Brentwood Lottery’s Grand prize winner! Three vehicles were also awarded, along with 154 cash winners! See full article for winners.
  • Main Draw deadline is December 31st for the 2017 Brentwood Lottery XXVI December 22, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, December 22, 2017 — The final draw deadline is creeping up for the 2017 Brentwood Lottery XXVI! Buy a ticket to secure your spot in the running for cash, cars, and the Grand Prize showhome! See full article for details.
  • Early Bird winner announced in the 2017 Brentwood Lottery December 7, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, December 7, 2017 — 101 winners walk away with prizes thanks to the 2017 Brentwood Lottery’s Early Bird prize. 100 winners get another shot at winning thanks to the 3-pack of tickets they’ve won and one person is walking away with $25,000! Read on to find out who the big winner is.
  • Early Bird deadline is November 27th for the 2017 Brentwood Lottery XXVI November 20, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, November 20, 2017 — $25,000 could be yours if you grab your ticket before the Early Bird deadline! How would you spend it? Plus, 100 winners will win 3-packs of lottery tickets, which means three additional chances of winning the Grand Prize home!See full article for details.
  • The Brentwood Lottery XXVI is back for its 2017 edition! October 5, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, October 5, 2017 — A total of 259 prizes, including vehicles, cash prizes, and a Dream Home, are up for grabs in this year’s Brentwood lottery! Tickets are only $50 each and help support the Brentwood Recovery Home. See full article for details.
  • 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV Final Major Winners Announced January 15, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, January 15, 2017 — 159 cash prizes, three vehicles, one KitchenAid appliance package, and a Dream Home by the water. These were all awarded yesterday in the final draws for the Brentwood XXV Lottery. Did you get lucky? See full article for details.
  • 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV Final Draws are 7 days away! January 9, 2017
    WINDSOR, ON, January 9, 2017 — Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering if you’re name will make it onto the winners’ list in the 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV? The wait is almost over! On January 14th the winning names will be drawn. Here’s a quick preview of what’s up for grabs! See ...
  • 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV Final Draw ticket deadline is New Year’s Eve! December 27, 2016
    WINDSOR, ON, December 27, 2016 — Tickets are still available for the 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV in support of the Brentwood Recovery Home. For only $50 a ticket, or $100 for a pack of three, you can give back to the community and have the chance to win big. A Grand Prize Dream Home, ...
  • 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV Early Bird Winners Named December 12, 2016
    WINDSOR, ON, December 12, 2016 — 151 Early Bird winners were selected last Thursday, with one winner taking home the main prize of $25,000 cash. There were also 25 cash prizes of $500 awarded, plus 125 winners of 3-packs of lottery tickets. Have you seen the list of winners yet? You could be on ...
  • 2016 Brentwood Lottery XXV Early Bird Draw is this Thursday at 1PM December 5, 2016
    WINDSOR, ON, December 5, 2016 —  What are you hoping to get in your stocking this Christmas? If $500 or $25,000 cash or a 3-pack of Brentwood Lottery XXV tickets sounds right up your alley, then you’ll want to stay tuned for the results of the upcoming Early Bird Draws happening this Thursday. See full ...
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