October 19,2018

Early Bird winner announced in the 2017 Brentwood Lottery

WINDSOR, ON, December 7, 2017 — Did you purchase your ticket to the 2017 Brentwood Lottery before November 27? If you did, you made the Early Bird deadline and qualified for the big payout of $25,000!

If your name is T. Lee and you hold Ticket #3040, you may want to invest in a larger wallet as you are $25,000 richer and the winner of the Early Bird prize! 

There were also 100 winners of a 3-pack of bonus lottery tickets. To see if you’ve won, please visit the official lottery website, the link is on our reference page. 

Still don’t have your ticket? There’s still time to join in the fun, and support the Brentwood Recovery Home with a ticket purchase. Proceeds will stay in the Windsor and Essex Country area and support the Addiction Treatment programs that they offer. The final deadline to purchase tickets is December 31, 2017, at Midnight, and you could win the Grand Prize Dream Home (or $320,000 cash), one of three vehicle prizes, or one of the 157 additional cash prizes that make up the final draws. 

For more lottery and ticket information, and to access the official lottery website, please see the “Ticket Information” section of our reference page for the 2017 Brentwood XXVI Lottery.

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