Daily Cash draws are now underway for the 2017 Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, February 14, 2018 — If you purchased a daily cash ticket in the 2017 Millionaire Lottery, then keep an eye out for some winnings coming your way! The $3,000 cash draws began on February 6, and will run until April 9, concluding with the Ultimate Daily Cash Plus winner with $50,000 cash!

Winners will be announced daily on the official lottery website

Here are the first week of winners:


  • February 6: J. MCCALLUM, from NORTH VANCOUVER, BC (Ticket #4200572)
  • February 7: L. WOO, from VANCOUVER, BC (Ticket #4100524)
  • February 8: W. STUBLEY, from VICTORIA, BC (Ticket #4202474)
  • February 9: G. GREENOUGH, from SURREY, BC (Ticket #4203808)
  • February 10: H. CLARKE, from SQUAMISH, BC (Ticket #4205637)
  • February 11: G. WALL, from SURREY, BC (Ticket #4205656)
  • February 12: B. BRACH, from VANCOUVER, BC (Ticket #4102351)

You can also visit the 2017 Millionaire Lottery Major Winners page. 

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