October 19,2018

Final Deadline is in THREE days for the 2017 HSC Millionaire Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, November 19, 2017 — Have you ordered your HSC Millionaire Lottery ticket yet? Don’t miss your chance to win the Grand Prize, which offers four incredible options to choose from, including $1.1 million tax-free cash.  The deadline is coming up fast – sales will close in THREE days! 

Only 3 days to final deadline!

Order your tickets online

You could soon be living in luxury in North River Heights: a three bedroom home with all the furnishings, plus two BMWs, a 15 Day Galapagos & Peru Land/Cruise Tour for 2 adults, PLUS $220,000 cash! Or, you could choose the Headingley Riverfront Home Package, which comes with a 2018 BMW X4 28i xDrive AND $50,000 cash. Option 3 is an Ocean Cottage on Vancouver Island, which you can enjoy along with your two BMWs, a 7 day trip to Bali for 2 adults, PLUS $210,000 cash! Or, take the money and run with $1.1 million tax-free cash!

Don’t forget to order your 50/50 Plus™ tickets as well — the jackpot is now over $750,000!

Make your dreams come true! Order your tickets online or by phone: toll-free 1-855-999-5688 or 204-253-5688. All the money raised stays right here in Manitoba.

The final deadline is on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at midnight.

License No. LGA-1822-RF

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